Terms and conditions

www.isugar.date and affiliated websites are owned and operated by isugar.date ("IDS")
IDS is a company with Nordic / International partners and representation in many countries, which among other things is engaged in dating and making contact between people.
We strive to provide the best service to our customers in order to develop relationships between people.
As well as obtaining the best membership offers so that our members get special and unique benefits.

These Terms of Use ("Terms"), together with the ISD Privacy Statement and Cookie Policy, govern the relationship between ISD and you as a ISD user and all services offered through ISD ("Service", "Services" or "Services").
By creating a user profile at ISD and using the Service, you agree to and agree to these Terms and Consents that your personal information is processed in accordance with the ISD Statement of Personal Data.

The service and ISD are intended for entertainment purposes for people over the age of 18. The main purpose of the service is to connect you with other users, so that virtual communication between you and these users can be made through the Service. The service is not intended to establish anything other than the mentioned contact, but it is free to arrange for another form of contact, which is ISD unauthorized.
It is necessary to create a user profile at ISD in order to use the Service. After creating a user profile, it will be possible to exchange messages and images with other users, provided you have sufficient Diamond-Credits on your user profile as described in section. 3.
You must be 18 years old to create a user profile at ISD and use the Service. By accepting these Terms and Use, you confirm that you are 18 years of age or older. If you are not 18, do not accept the content of the Service and / or reside outside of the geographical area that the Service is against, you must immediately terminate the use of the Service and close your user profile at ISD. ISD can delete your user profile with immediate effect and without refund of diamonds/messages if you do not comply with this provision.
You acknowledge that any information you enter on your user profile is accurate, accurate and up to date, including that the user profile will be updated on a regular basis with any changes in personal information and / or preferences.
Under no circumstances should you create a user profile in another's name or create a fictional user profile. ISD will delete such user profiles with immediate effect.
You are personally responsible for the confidentiality of your username together with your password for your user profile. You hereby agree and warrant for any use of your user profile. If you become aware of or suspect that unauthorized persons have been aware of your password or access to your user profile, please inform us immediately at: support@isugar.date including immediately take the necessary precautions to limit such unauthorized access and change your password.
You may not disclose or share contact information such as telephone number, address, family name, web addresses, e-mail address or other personal information with other users. ISD reserves the right to refuse, modify, filter, remove or (partially) censor such notices. In case of change or removal, users are not entitled to reimbursement of any costs for sending that message.
ISD has the ability to create admin, support, fictional and test user profiles on the Service and can send you messages on behalf of these. Therefore, it will not be possible to arrange another type of contact, including a physical meeting between you and such profiles.
ISD will do its best to provide the Service in a sound and professional manner, but you acknowledge and accept that the Service only has the features and features available at any time through the Service, including interruptions and / or errors in the Service. Therefore, ISD does not provide any warranties for the Service's features and features.
ISD is entitled at any time without notice and without compensation, or otherwise, to modify, discontinue and / or close the Service, a User Profile and / or ISD and, without notice, to maintain and update of the Service.
To use the Service, you must have the necessary IT equipment and necessary configurations for proper use of ISD as well as access to the Internet. You are advised to have JavaScript features enabled and allow cookies and pop-ups. ISD works to make the Service compatible with many different IT devices, but ISD cannot guarantee that it works on all devices. You are thus responsible for ensuring that you meet all necessary system requirements for use of the Service and / or ISD. Your use of the Service and your ability to use its features and the content hosted or made available through the Service may vary in functionality, accessibility, and quality, depending on the device you are using.
You are solely responsible for the equipment (including Internet connection) that is required to use and access the Service through ISD, and carries all associated costs using the Service through ISD

For full access to the Service, including sending and receiving messages and images, you must have "Diamond-Credits" When creating a user profile, you will receive a fixed amount of diamonds so that you can get to know the Service for free. ISD is entitled at any time to change the number of diamonds assigned when creating user profiles, so you cannot be sure to get such diamonds assigned at the time of creation. The amount of diamonds you hold will be displayed in your user profile. If you run out of diamonds while you are sending a message, you must purchase new diamonds before the message can be sent.
You can purchase diamonds through the Service at the prices listed on ISD. Prices are inclusive of VAT, fees and other taxes. We use the safest payment gateway and you can pay with the usual payment card. A neutral receipt from Verotel and GoPay247 will appear on your bank statement without reference to isugar.date. ISD reserves the right to change the prices listed on isugar.date for Diamond-credits.
Payment for diamonds will be charged when making purchases. The payment information you choose to provide for the purchase of diamonds will be processed in accordance with the ISD's Personal Data Statement. Your acquired diamonds are valid for 4 months from the date of purchase.
If you will discontinue the Service with the result that you will lose diamonds, such lost diamonds will not be refunded. If the Service is interrupted for technical reasons caused by ISD, it is possible to obtain a refund for any lost diamonds in connection with such a breakdown upon written request to that referred to in Item. 3.6 specified e-mail address.

You may use the Service immediately upon the purchase of diamonds and hereby accept and acknowledge that you will lose your right of withdrawal under applicable law for your purchase of diamonds. By acquiring diamonds and using the Service, you hereby explicitly waive the aforesaid right of withdrawal upon the purchase of these diamonds. It is not possible to convert diamonds to Cash or get refunded diamonds.

You may not use material such as (but not limited to) the user profile, photos, messages, or other material ("Material") that other users have published or sent to the Service and ISD in a manner that does not conform to the section. 3.1 stated purposes, and / or for other than personal use.
You acknowledge and agree that Material that you have published on the Service and / or ISD may be viewed and used by other users without liability for ISD.
ISD reserves the right to refuse your and other User's Materials on the Service and ISD such as published photos, without you and / or other users thereby obtaining any right to compensation and / or refund.
You may not distribute or otherwise distribute content that (1) violates rights, including intellectual property and data protection rights, belonging to ISD, other users of the Service, and / or third parties through the Service and / or ISD; (2) contains or refers to illegal content; (3) potentially harm ISD; (4) contains content that is defamatory, offensive, obscene, hurtful, violent or otherwise contrary to what ISD considers to be decent or (5) otherwise illegal or unlawful. You are thus fully liable for any loss and damage caused by any violation of this provision.
The ISD disclaims as much as possible any liability for damage or any kind of service that the Service may cause.
You are encouraged to disclose all forms of inappropriate material to us at support@isugar.date

When creating a user profile and when using the Service, you provide personal information to ISD. This information will be processed in accordance with ISD's Personal Data Statement and applicable law. For more information about ISD's collection and use of information and materials you provide to ISD, please follow the link to our Statement of Personal Data. By using the Service, you agree to the terms of the declaration at the same time.
You acknowledge and agree that ISD may disclose any information you provide to us if required by law or by third parties or if we estimate such disclosure is reasonable in relation to (1) complying with the law, comply with requests or orders from the police or in connection with legal proceedings; (2) to protect or defend the rights or property of ISD or third parties; or (3) to protect anyone's health or safety, such as at threat of violence against any person (including you as a user).
If you treat personal information about other users and / or third parties during your use of the Service, you are at all times responsible for this treatment. You agree that the processing is in accordance with the laws in force at any time and commits you to keep ISD harmless of any third-party claims in that regard. By accepting these terms and conditions, you agree that you will never use the contact information of other users of the Service to send mail, letters or other unwanted messages, except for sending messages through the Service.

All rights such as copyrights, trademark rights, patent rights, design rights, name rights, database rights and related rights, as well as rights to domain names and know-how and related rights ("Intellectual Property Rights") associated with the Service, ISD and / or the available information such as texts, emoji cons, profile texts, user profiles, video material, audio material, visual or photographic material, belong exclusively to BSD and / or its licencor (s).
You may not download, copy, modify, apply, publish, utilize or otherwise use the items in section. 9.1, as well as you may not make such Intellectual Property Rights "reverse engineering" or otherwise publish them.
Your use of the Service and ISD is limited to the purposes stated in these Terms and Conditions, and shall at all times comply with these Terms and Conditions.
Intellectual Property Rights to the Material You have made available to the Service and / or ISD, ISD automatically has a royalty free, global, irrevocable and transferable right to use to the extent that it is necessary for the provision of the Service.
ISD has a central user database that can be used across several websites owned and operated by ISD. The material you have made available on the Service and / or ISD may therefore be displayed on other websites than on the Service and / or ISD. The material you have made available is stored in one database controlled by ISD in accordance with ISD's Personal Data Statement.
You may not in any way sabotage or circumvent any technical and / or organizational limitation mechanisms installed on or otherwise integrated with the Service. If it is found that you have used the Service without purchasing the required number of Diamond-Credits, ISD is entitled to charge a reasonable fee for this use and may at the same time block access to your User Profile and claim compensation pursuant to a court chosen by the ISD. , including claiming compensation for loss and / or damage.

You are personally responsible for your use of the Service and / or ISD as well as any action (including the disclosure of Material) made through your user profile, as well as for all (consequential) choices and / or legal actions made by The Service and / or ISD. You must indemnify ISD for any third-party claims in this regard.
You are personally responsible for - and shall indemnify the ISD - all claims from third parties as well as damage, loss or costs incurred by ISD as a result of (1) your failure to comply with agreements with ISD, (2) actions taken by you during the use of the Service, (3) illegal or unlawful acts by you, and / or (4) failure to comply with these Terms.
You are personally responsible for any loss or damage that may arise as a result of (1) contact, (2) agreement or 3) any other action with a fictional user profile.
ISD is not responsible for any loss or damage - both directly and / or indirectly - as a result of your use of the Service and / or ISD. ISD has no responsibility for the content of the user profiles on the Service, and that these user profiles thus only represent the views of the users concerned.
ISD is not responsible for websites of affiliates who, on their websites, bring advertisements and / or anything related to the Service and / or ISD.
The liability of ISD for failure to comply with an agreement with you, an illegal or unlawful act or other act or omission by iSD or its employees, or any of the ISD's third parties is limited to compensation for direct damage. ISD's liability for direct damage is in each case (and in this connection considered a series of interrelated cases as one case) limited to the amount (excluding VAT) which you have paid to ISD under the said agreement in the case of the last six (6) calendar months up to the case. However, the total liability of ISD can never exceed € 300 (excluding VAT). Direct damage under this provision includes only:
(a) Property damage;
(b) Reasonable costs to ensure that ISD's services are in accordance with the agreement;
(c) Reasonable cost of clarifying the cause and extent of the damage, in so far as it is a direct damage under this provision;
(d) Reasonable costs of deteriorating or limiting the damage to the extent that it can be demonstrated that these expenses have reduced the level of direct damage under this provision.
ISD is not responsible for any damage other than direct damage as stated in section. 10.6 including consequential damages that may arise as a result of or in connection with any agreement with ISD, including without limitation lost profits, loss of revenue, loss of expected savings or other similar economic losses including loss of goodwill or reputation or other incidental indirect damage or compensation, regardless of whether you have made ISD aware of the possibility of such damage, compensation or loss.
Regardless of Section 10.6, you shall in no case be entitled to any compensation, compensation or other financial compensation, unless you report the damage to the ISD in writing within 30 days of the occurrence of the damage. In any event, your right to compensation, reimbursement or other financial compensation under any agreement with the ISD, whether in the case of an illegal or unlawful act or otherwise, one (1) year after the date of the event the reason for the claim or claim.
You acknowledge and agree that you have waived the right to make other breach powers applicable to those in this section. 10 stated.

ISD is not responsible for any damage caused by (illegal) use of the Service and does not monitor the messages exchanged between you and other users. In accordance with the following request procedure, ISD will work to remove clearly illegal material and stop clearly illegal activities.
ISD has established a request procedure under which allegedly illegal material found on or accessible through the Service and ISD, or suspected illegal activities, may be notified to ISD. Requests and documentation must be sent to the following email address: support@isugar.date
ISD reserves the right not to respond to a request to block material or discontinue an activity if ISD has reason to doubt whether the submitted request or documentation is correct or if other circumstances reasonably warrant this. In this context, ISD may require an ISD elected court's word for the material or activity in question to be illegal.
ISD is under no circumstances compelled to be a party to any dispute between the requesting party and third party.
The requesting party shall be indemnified to hold ISD for any claim from third parties in connection with any blockage or removal of Material or any discontinuation of activities. This obligation to indemnify also applies to damages and costs that ISD may suffer or incur in connection with such a claim, including (without limitation) attorneys' fees.
ISD respects and protects the requesting party's right to data security. Any information received by ISD in connection with a notification will be processed in accordance with the ISD 'Personal Data Statement' and will be used only in the processing of that request.

It is not possible to refund any Diamond-Credits in your User Profile if you stop using the Service and / or delete / disable your user profile.
If ISD thinks it is warranted, ISD may at any time - in addition to its other powers and without notice or prior explanation - limit, suspend or close your access to the Service, delete your user profile temporarily or permanently, remove Material, send notice of termination of service or refuse to provide services, in particular, but not exclusively, if:
a) You do not comply with these Terms;
b) Your actions according to ISD's view may lead to harm or liability for yourself, other users of the Service, third party or ISD itself. ISD disclaims any liability according to Section 10 as a result.
If you stop using the Service and / or delete / disable your user profile, or ISD, they will do the following. 11.2, your right and access to use the Service will expire immediately and the ISD will delete your user profile and / or remove Material published by you. ISD will still be entitled to use all Material published on the Service and / or ISD by you in accordance with Item. 8.4. However, at the request of you, BSD will remove or anonymize Material published on the Service and / or ISD by you. ISD is not required to disclose Material to you and / or convert Material upon request.

ISD may at any time change and / or supplement these Terms. Notification of changes to these Terms will be given per. mail or via the Service and will enter into force 14 days after such notice. The latest version of the Terms and Conditions can always be viewed through the Service as well as at ISD. If you continue to use the Service after such changes / supplements to these Terms, you agree on the simultaneous and irrevocable changes / supplements. If you cannot accept the changed and / or supplemented Terms, you may terminate your use of the Service in accordance with section. 11 and delete your user profile after which you will no longer be able to use the Service.
Should it appear that one or more provisions of these Terms are or are invalid, this does not affect the validity or enforce ability of the other provisions herein, which will thus still be fully applicable. In such a case, ISD will replace the invalid provision (or invalid) with a valid, as far as possible, pursuing the purpose and the ruling according to the invalid provision (the invalid provisions).
ISD is entitled to assign its rights and obligations under these Terms to third parties and, if so, will notify you thereof.
These Terms and Conditions and any use of the Service are subject to a normal court of law
Any dispute between you and ISD regarding these Terms, Service and / or ISD, as well as any agreement that is associated with these Terms, Service and / or ISD or any result thereof, as well as any matter arising from the same shall be decided by an ISD elected court.
If you have any complaints regarding the Service, ISD can be contacted using the contact information provided on this page.

· Creating a profile at ISD is 100% free and something we appreciate a lot.
· You must have DIAMONDS to send messages or pictures.
· You will receive some welcome Diamonds free of charge when you create a profile, see Terms of Use,
· There are no hidden transaction fees
· On your bank statement you will only see a neutral message without reference to ISD.

· OUR AVERAGE PRICE IS ONLY BETWEEN EUR. 0,47 and EUR. 0.80 / DIAMOND FOR MEMBERS and according to the purchased diamond package. · All payments are one-time payments - we DO NOT use recurring/automatic payments.


Best regards isugar.date